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Message From Michael A Runge - Owner

Have you ever called a company for service and the person speaking to you doesn't know who you are or what they have done besides what they see on a computer? Have you had multiple different repairmen and don’t know who is working on your home?  We at Palms County AC are big enough to handle all your needs but are not so big where you become a number.  Most of our customers have been with us for over 10 years. We also don’t have the major overhead of a large company allowing us to give more discounts and lower prices.

We have been working on Palm Beach County since 1996 which what started with my father (Michael F Runge). He started a small appliance company.  In 1996 I started working with an AC company doing new construction and enjoyed the technical aspect of refrigeration and the science behind it. I then went to work for a service company learning all I could around 1999.  I stayed at the company completing 4 years of night school. I did not like the direction the company was going because they sold to a large corporation and all they were concerned with how everyone's sales were doing. They also promoted commision on their workers which created dishonesty.

I decided in 2003 to get my state contractor license in HVAC and join forces with my father. We opened the doors in 2004 and have slowly grown since. There are no high pressure sales, I do not corner you into one option - I lay everything out so you can understand each step. Everyone who has delt with me in the past knows that I am streight forward, I don't hide things and take each sale personal.  Air conditioning and heating can be confusing and I understand this.  I try my very best to set your worries at ease with my honest opions.  I take my knowledge guided by experiance and apply it to every situation.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and let my family take care of your family.

Michael A Runge

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Business hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm


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